Endowment Supports The Friends' Long-Term Success


The Friends GCCS Endowment in Perpetuity . . .

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began with $7,500 in November 2015 when Dr. Alice White established and funded the Endowment with The Community Foundation in Kerrville, Texas, to provide management of the Endowment.

WHY: The Endowment in Perpetuity means support forever to achieve Friends' mission: "Preserving the past to enrich the future". Two factors contribute to long-term success: financial stability and members. An Endowment promotes financial stability and membership growth.

HOW: Even though the Endowment is supported by the Friends, our need to prioritize spending with limited funds means we function much like our fathers: we pay ourselves first by putting something into the Endowment each year, but the amount varies according to funds.

Join us to continue the job we began in 1999-SAVE THE SCHOOLS!

All endowment contributions are publically acknowledged. You'll receive complimentary Membership-at-Large with our quarterly CHALKBOARD eNewsletter. Friends is a non-profit, 501(3)c since 1999.

We have five levels for you to select from to support our endowment.
Little Scholar $50
Eighth Grade Graduate $100
Country School Teacher $200
School Board Member $400
Superintendent of Schools $800 or above

To make a contribution using your credit card, go to The Community Foundation.

To make a contribution by check, make your check payable to TCF fbo Friends Endowment and mail your check directly to: The Community Foundation; PO Box 291354; Kerrville, TX 78029-1354.

For questions or for assistance, contact Jane Woellhof, 830-990-8059, or Doris Spraggins, 830-456-1249, Directors at Large with Friends.