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In 2012, the Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools (FoGCCS) started Member-at-Large due to interest from people wanting to support the restoration of the historic schools. They often stated that they didn't want to belong to an individual school or attend meetings but wanted to assist and promote the preservation and use of the early schools.

The Member-At-Large provides us with a convenient way for people to support FoGCCS, along with the opportunity for us to share our progress in restoration and events regularly. People liked this idea of belonging and felt it created a sense of community while keeping our history alive and inspiring our youth. In addition, our quarterly newsletter, CHALKBOARD NOTES, and periodic email updates let them be a part of preservation in Texas. People want to make a difference!

We have found that each country school tells others who we are. Since everyone has attended a school, everyone can identify with schools and memories. Preserving our historic schools brings those memories to life and reminds us to be true to who we are and what is valued.

The renewal for Member-At-Large occurs on January 1 of each year.

How to become a member

We appreciate your interest in supporting our work through your tax-deductible donation via PayPal or check/money order. The renewal for Member-At-Large occurs on January 1 of each year.

Select one of the following membership levels:

  • Level 1 - $25
  • Level 2 - $50
  • Level 3 - $100
  • Level 4 - $150
  • Level 5 - Other

The renewal for Member-At-Large occurs on January 1 of each year.

PayPal/Credit Card donations:
Enter the amount of your desired membership level in the PayPal donation amount field. (NOTE: A PayPal account is not required to make your payment.)

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To make a check/money order donations
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Make check payable to:
   Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools
Mail to:
   P. O. Box 55, Fredericksburg TX 78624
   Phone: 830-685-3078

Members at Large ~ Past and Present ~ We Appreciate Your Support

Voy & Liz Althaus
Louise V. Bail
Chris Barnett
Carol Wahrmund Birmingham
Jean Burenga
Dr. Cheryl Christian
James Cole
Ken E. Cooke
Ashley Coston
Peggy Cox
Crenwelge Oil Company
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Dreher
Nancy Dreher
August Faltin
Gordon Feller
Case D. Fischer
Roxanne & Lester Frantzen
Dalton & Joy Fromme
Bob Gates
Lynda Geron
Christine Granados
George and Alice Hahn
Joannie Harris
Laura Heiligenthal
Barbara Heinen
Ms. Carol Iselt
Loyd Jolly
Alton & Joanne Klier
Carol Law
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Lindley
Kirsten Moss
Sally Murray
Karen Nejtek
Peach Basket
Bob Phelps
Janice Prince
Nelda and Buddy Roessler
Mary Ruelle
Charles & Loretta Schmidt
Lucretia C. Scoufous, PhD
Ann Shafer
Terry Sharpe
Joseph Shumate
Carolyn Sowell
Kevin Spraggins
Dian Stai
Lisa Stamper
JoAnna & Mike Troppy
Evelyn Grona Weinheimer
Larry & Isabel Werts
Alice White
Jenny Wieser
Mark Wieser
Ada Wilke
Ronald & Jane Woellhof