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Saturday, June 1, 2024, from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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School Club Activities

The Luckenbach Community Club meets monthly on the first and second Friday evenings and fourth Sunday afternoon to play pinochle cards . In 1982, a Texas Historical Commission marker was dedicated.

Visits or Tours

Don't miss out on the chance to explore the schools and their neighboring grounds, even if there are no official open house events scheduled. The school properties and land offer excellent opportunities for leisurely walks, bird watching, engaging in geo-caching, and more. In case the school buildings are locked, take a moment to peer through the windows and catch a glimpse of their interiors. However, if there happens to be a private event in progress, please be considerate and avoid disrupting it.

To schedule a visit or tour when the school isn't conducting a scheduled open house, call the Luckenbach rental contact person below or complete our Contact Us form and select Luckenbach School from the dropdown. Include the date/time of your request along with details.

Rental Contacts

Lois Weidenfeller

Driving Directions

#11 on the driving map (Route C) located at 3566 Luckenbach Road.

photo of Cave Creek School

A brief history of Luckenbach School

Built in 1881. Expanded in 1905. Consolidated in 1964. An old-fashioned school bell summoned the children to class at 9 a.m., six days a week. Boys lined up on the right and girls on the left. During recess, children played games such as "Andy-Over", "Stink Base", Dodge Ball", "Drop the Hankie", and "Kick the Can." At the end of the day, at 4 p.m., the older boys had to bring in firewood for the stove, and the girls had to sweep the floor. First graders were responsible for cleaning the erasers.

School Club Officers

Vernon Arlitt

Flora Mae Wallendorf

Eunice Baethge

Lois Weidenfeller

Kay Pressler
830-997-4443, 830-456-7284

Kathy Duecker
830-644-2124, 830-456-3692

Lois Weidenfeller
830-997-8455, 830-992-9474

History of Luckenbach School

On July 22, 1855, two acres of land along Grape Creek was purchased from Peter Pehl for $4. After the land was acquired, the men in the community gathered to build a 16'x15' log cabin schoolhouse. Due to an increase in the student population by 1881, the building became too small to accommodate all the children, so a 10' addition of native limestone was built. The Luckenbach School was designated as District #3. Families who settled in the community paid one dollar per year for their children to attend school. Many of these families are still represented in the area today.

During the 1860's, a one-room stone teacherage was built. The floors were made of 16" wide planks from Indianola, Texas. and the rafters were hand-hewn. Another room was later added to join the teacher's house to the school. In 1905, a new 25'x34' schoolhouse was built of native limestone from the Pehl property, some of them measuring 22"x54". An old-fashioned school bell summoned the children to class, with the boys lining up on the left and the girls on the right. Older students would help the younger ones with grammar and math. Some of the creative games played during recess were Andy-over, stink base, dodge ball, drop the hankie, and kick the can.

In 1949, due to the passage of the Gilmer-Aiken Law, which limited the number of students per teacher, Luckenbach became a two-teacher school, with grades one through eight. During that year, another room, measuring 18'x24', and constructed of hollow tile, was added to the school building.

In 1964, the Luckenbach School District was consolidated with the Fredericksburg School District.

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