Events Calendar

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All open houses and events on our calendar are open to the public.

We invite and welcome you to visit our schools during their open houses and learn more about the German history of the one-room schools in and around Fredericksburg. While you are in the area, stay at one of the local Bed and Breakfasts and visit our Trip Planner page for other historic sites and stores in and around Fredericksburg.

Open House Activity:Join community residents and former school students in reminiscing school days before Year 1964 Consolidation.

Playing and teaching Pinochle Card lessons. Come learn this trick-taking, Ace-Ten card game typically for two to four players and played with a 48-card deck.

View the mini-library display of old readers, like Dick and Jane, music books, and history-based encyclopedia set spotlighting famous historical figures.

You'll find homemade goodies sold in all packaged sizes, good for snack or gift-giving. Mark your calendar now!

You will find us at three different locations.