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Next open house or event

We held our 2024 Open House on Friday, July 19, 2024, from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. We included a special activity: "Cookie Extravaganza".

Check our Events Calendar for other Friends-sponsored events to attend.

Regular Meetings

Meetings on the 3rd Friday, except November, for a social and card and domino games. July fireworks watching is observed.

School Club Activities

The Wrede Bear Creek School Community Club was reorganized in November 2001, with 15 former students present. From January to May, the club meets on the third Friday at 6:30 p.m. for a meal, fellowship, card and domino games, and July 4 fireworks watching at 6:30 p.m.

Visits or Tours

Don't miss out on the chance to explore the schools and their neighboring grounds, even if no official open-house events are scheduled. The school properties and land offer excellent opportunities for leisurely walks, bird watching, engaging in geo-caching, and more. If the school buildings are locked, take a moment to peer through the windows and catch a glimpse of their interiors. However, if there happens to be a private event in progress, please be considerate and avoid disrupting it.

To schedule a visit or tour when the school isn't conducting a planned open house, call the Wrede rental contact person below or complete our Contact Us form and select Wrede School from the dropdown. Include the date/time of your request along with details.

Rental Contact

Marjorie Otte
Violet Ottmers

Driving Directions

#2 on the driving map (Downtown Route) located at 3828 South State Highway 16.

photo of Wrede School

A brief history of Wrede School

It was built in 1896 and consolidated in 1960. Lumber to build the school was hauled from Comfort, Texas, by wagon. Classes were first held on October 15, 1896, with an enrollment of 46 students. Enrollment over the years went as high as 53 students in the 1950’s. In 1949, the Pedernales School was consolidated with Wrede, and shortly after that, students from Bear Creek School were also consolidated with Wrede. Wrede had 24 teachers during its 64-year history. The salary for a teacher in 1896 was $28 per month, and by 1959, a teacher might receive $288 per month. Even though most students did not speak English when they entered first grade, speaking German on the school grounds was forbidden.

School Club Officers

Marjorie Otte

Roy Sedwick

Violet Ottmers

Doris Ernst

Ken Otte
Larry Ottmers

Paulette Leyendecker

Volunteer Coordinator:
Nina Olson

History of Wrede School

Friedrich von Wrede owned the land on which this school was built. Some of the early organizers were Julius Ransleben, May Ransleben, Carl Hilker, Jacob Usener, William Schnerr, Theo Boos, and Louis Crenwelge.

The wood school building was built in 1896 from lumber hauled by a wagon from Comfort, Texas. By October 15, 1896, the school had started. A hand-dug well supplied water for the school, located on the Kerrville Highway close to Lady Bird Park. It has never been moved from this location. Bear Creek School was consolidated with Wrede School in July 1949. For 64 years, Wrede had 24 teachers who served at different times, some of whom left for several years, returning later.

Wrede was a two-teacher school from 1949 until 1959. During this time, the enrollment reached approximately 53 students. The salary for a teacher starting in 1896 was about $28 per month. By 1959, the teacher might have received $288 per month.

The school was also a community center where people would get together for parties and dances. The 4-H Club and the Extension Homemakers Club would also meet here. In later years, elections were held at this schoolhouse.

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