Open   House  September  16

South Grape Creek School will be open for you to tour. Come visit with former students.

September 16 Open House

Ride   the   Friends  Cycle  Trails

The full 120+ mile trail (in 4 quadrants) takes you to 17 historic schools dating from 1847 - 1936. Click on the button for our brochure and map.

Cycle Trail Map

Endowment  in  Perpetuity

The Endowment in Perpetuity means support forever to achieve Friends' mission: "Preserving the past to enhance the future". Join us to continue the job we began in 1999-SAVE THE SCHOOLS!

Endowment Gift
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To  All  Our  Fundraiser   Supporters

Join us in patronizing our supporters. Visit our Supporters page.

Our Supporters
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We   have  a  YouTube  Channel

Did you know we have a YouTube Channel? You can take a video tour of our schools before you visit in person.

Our YouTube
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Curtain   Restoration

Hours of work by dedicated volunteers were spent in restoring the Willow City School Painted Stage Curtain.

Willow City School

Our Team of Volunteers

Since 2000, our team of volunteers, former students and teachers, along with others who are interested in preserving the one-room schoolhouses, have been working many hours together in developing and refining our mission of "preserving the past to enrich the future".

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and joining us in our restoration efforts, call us at 830-685-3321 or click the button below to request information.

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Oh yeah! Here's a quick look at The Friends!

". . .we are preserving the past to enrich the future."

Help Us Grow: We have many ways for you to join us in our work.

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Join us in donating your time to further our work in preserving the rich history of one-room schools.

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